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You may book your appointment anytime by using the book appointment tab at the top of every page. This is where you will choose the analysis test/s you are interested in. However, I encourage you to educate yourself about the three analysis tests first. 

I specialize in three forms of wellness testing

My motto is…

Why Guess, When you can Know? 

As you go through the website you may text or call me at any time. The number to text or call me is at the top right of every page. Its 440-969-3560

My testing is noninvasive

Two appointment options are available

  1. Home visits (house calls), so the testing can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  2. A virtual visit via the internet/cellular on a home computer/laptop, or Mobil Device; cell phone/tablet.   (Zoom, Face Time or Whats app)

The virtual visit does require a do it yourself DNA capture kit. (this is a very simple, non-invasive kit, and the directions are provided with the kit)

dr jeff crenshaw naturopathic doctor in Ashtabula Oh

At this time, I am running a 40% discount. My fee is regularly priced at $150. During our 40% discount promotion my fee is only $90

Also if you book your appointment during the discount period your locked in at that rate for life.

My 2 primary Analysis tests are;

  1. Total Body Analysis; $150 reduced to only $90.00
  2. Food Sensitivity Analysis; $150 reduced to only $90.00

Vitamin and Mineral Analysis; is an add on to either of the primary for only $30

Bundle Packages

Primary plus add on;

  • Total body analysis/Vitamin & Mineral Analysis only $120

  • Food Sensitivity Analysis/Vitamin & Mineral Analysis only $120

Bundle Both Primaries;

Order one Primary get the other half off!

  • Total body analysis only $90

  • Food Sensitivity Analysis discounted 50% only $45

The two primary Bundle package is only $135

The all 3 bundle package!

  1. Total Body Analysis Only $90

  2. Food Sensitivity Analysis 50% off only $45

  3. Vitamin & Mineral Analysis 50% off only $15

Total package is only $150

This is by far the most ordered test option!

This way you get all three; Total Body Analysis, Food Sensitivity Analysis, and the Vitamin and Mineral Profile, all for one low price of only $150.00

You may choose your analysis options by clicking the Book Appointment tab at the top of the page. But I encourage you to view the analysis test pages first. 

Have more than one in your family?

After you choose your personal analysis testing you may order up to 3 additional tests for family and friends, for Half Price off the already 40% reduced price!

However; If you are choosing an in home visit (house call) they must be at your home during the home visit appointment time. This is NOT required for the virtual visit.

To learn more about each testing option click the links below. I recommend starting with the Total Body Analysis…

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