Seasonal Allergies

If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer there are things you can do. There is no need to continue suffering as you do.

Through Applied Kinesiology we can discover exactly what remedies will work best for you.

  • We will narrow down not only the treatment, whether it be extracts, botanicals, teas, supplements, food the list goes on forever.
  • We will also determine your exact dosage.

Who can know within the sea of remedies, which will work best for them? Or how often to take them.

  • Now you can know exactly what will work best for your specific needs. As well as how much and how often.

Why Guess when you can Know!

Find relief now, Book your appointment today!

Allergy relief home visit only $90.oo

  • This does include your first visit botanicals, extracts, plus many other things your body may need to get you fast relief. We will also be making some allergy relief tea at your home.

We will also build you a custom designed allergy relief protocol to drastically alleviate allergy symptoms now and for the rest of your life. Next allergy season things can be much better!!

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