Hi! My name is Dr. Jeffrey B. Crenshaw, ND.

My story, at least the part of my story that you would be interested in hearing about, starts in 2008 as a 350+ (closer to 400) pound laid off, out of work construction worker.

You read that correctly – I was 350+ POUNDS, probably closer to 400 POUNDS! I could barely bend over to tie my boot laces. In fact, I couldn’t!

High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Horrible acid reflex
Digestive issues
Sleep apnea

Diagnosed with a fatty liver (go figure, right?)

Certainly on my way to diabetes (diagnosed as per-diabetic) and an early grave, with a beautiful 3 year old adopted daughter and my wife of 15 years.

How does one drop over 100 pounds and reverse high blood pressure?

High cholesterol, acid reflux, sleep apnea and hedge off diabetes

I’ll give you the short version and the long version. The short version first.
I made some very simple long-term changes in my life. This didn’t happen overnight.

Did I try losing weight before? Of course I did. Did it work? My results where the same as most everybody else’s, Some diets I tried did work, but only short term, I would gain it all back plus some, then others, no success at all. And there are very specific reasons for that cycle. So why did it work this time? I applied correct knowledge. You have to get away from the fads and quick fixes. Knowledge is power but only when applied. This brings us to the long story.

Everything I’m about to share with you, you do not have to do. So far I’ve spent 5 years in school and still going so you don’t have to. I will share with you the things I’ve learned. In 2008 I attended a wellness seminar, out of work, obese and diseased wondering what the heck am I doing.

There is more to this story it’s just hard to share…(there’s a long pause here)…in 2007 I lost everything. When the housing market crashed I lost my house, my truck was repossessed and at the age of 38 with my wife of 14 years and a 2 year old daughter I moved back in with my parents. That’s a hard pill to swallow. So in 2008 I find myself at a wellness convention. Out of work, homeless, broke, obese and diseased, and living with my parents.

I can’t remember anything significant about the seminar other than, that is where is met Dr. Lou, a Naturopath. He was from North Carolina. During the lunch break, this seminar provided a very nice catered lunch, and I just happened to sit next to Dr. Lou. We had a great conversation about the current condition of the medical community, my health conditions as well as the health and wellness of people in general. The lies and the things we are unaware of that keep us fat and unhealthy. We also discussed my personal jobless situation.

During our conversation I expressed my desire to regain my health and that if I could learn some truths about health and wellness I would love to be able to share that with other people. During our whole conversation I had no clue he was a Doctor of Naturopathy. In classic fashion of all great conversationalists, he was more interested in me, therefore, most of our conversation was about me. Besides, at that point I have never heard of Naturopathy and didn’t even know what it was.

Well lunch was over and it was time to rejoin the conference, he handed me his card and said we’ll talk more afterward. Looking at his card is when I discovered he was a Doctor of Naturopathy, but again I had no idea what that was. At the end of the seminar I sought him out and he encouraged me to pursue a wellness career. Now put this in perspective, I’m obese and diseased! And this guy tells me to pursue a wellness career! Because of the condition I was in I did not see that for myself, but he did not see me as I was, he saw me as what I could become! He saw my desire to get well and possibly help others to do the same and that’s all it took for him.

After Dr. Lou and I had our conversation and exchanged contact information we parted ways and went home. He went to North Carolina and I went to N.E. Ohio. My life would never again be the same.

A few days later I got an email from Dr. Lou with all the enrollment information from Trinity school of Natural Health for their Doctor of Naturopathy program. By this time through the efforts of Dr. Lou’s coaching I was very encouraged. So I contacted the school discovered I was able to make monthly tuition payments and by this time I was working part time as a school bus driver and living with my parents so this afforded me the tuition but nothing more. Dr. Lou loaned me his school books one at a time, each class at a time because after paying the tuition each month, I could not afford my own.

During my Naturopathy courses I learned many holistic, natural ways of
helping myself and other people regain their heath but one thing was
evident. It doesn’t matter what modality I chose to help you regain your

If you’re putting poison down your throat 3 times a day it will
be short lived.

I wanted long term solutions. So I started looking deeper into nutrition and one thing became very clear. Nobody really agrees with anybody when it comes to diet and nutrition. People with what I call the credentials of trust, all contradicting each other. It’s a mess. So I decided to enroll in nutrition school and guess what, that was no better. The school I attended specialized and prided themselves on teaching many different types of diets. Needless to say I was more confused after nutrition school than before.

But do not despair I found very simple truths about what the body needs to create health and wellness, or I would not be here today as the healthy individual I am.

I will have no problem helping you achieve this because I have already done the same for myself. Once you realize that nothing heals you. There is nothing out there that can heal you! The body heals itself!

This is a truth that can liberate! Once you take the mystery away, the fog lifts.

The natural state of the body is health. The body was designed by the Creator to maintain health and vitality. It was not designed to be diseased. Disease is a condition we force the body into. Once you start supplying the body with the environment and nutrients it was designed to work with things begin to correct themselves. It’s automatic!

Your mouth is the entrance of the outside world into your body. What you put into your mouth literally is what your blood is made up of and literally affects in real time your genes.

So there ya have it, my story from a road of obesity, disease and early death to health and wellness, and learning the value of a coach and mentor through Dr. Lou has allowed me to turn and do the same for others.