How Food Sensitivities Can Destroy Your Health

INFLAMMATION is one of the biggest drivers of weight gain and disease in America. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol are ALL inflammatory based conditions. Food sensitivities cause systemic inflammation throughout the body, beginning in the gut. For example, in people with gluten sensitivity, the immune system attacks the intestinal cells to which gluten attaches, […]

Potential Causes of Food Sensitivity

Too much of one food You can become sensitive to any food you eat too often. Many people eat a relatively small number of foods several times a day. For example, wheat, a common food sensitivity, is found in breakfast cereals, the bread used to make a sandwich at lunchtime, and the spaghetti eaten at […]

What is a Food Sensitivity?

photo of a bowl of peanuts

A food sensitivity or a food intolerance occurs in the digestive tract and not the bloodstream, like a food allergy. A food sensitivity is caused by an inability to digest a food and Symptoms are delayed, symptoms do not appear for hours or even days. Food sensitivities are not constant, and may come and go […]

Seasonal Allergies & You

Seasonal Allergies If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer there are things you can do. There is no need to continue suffering as you do. Through Applied Kinesiology we can discover exactly what remedies will work best for you. We will narrow down not only the treatment, whether it be extracts, botanicals, teas, supplements, food […]