What are the benefits of a Vitamin / Mineral Deficiency Profile?

For may people Vitamin and Mineral supplementation is a big part of their wellness regimen. On the other side, there are may people who do not supplement at all, and there is everything in between. However, for those taking a full spectrum of supplements how do you know if the supplements you are taking are actually being absorbed into the body? For those who do not supplement at all, should they? A vitamin and Mineral profile will you tell you exactly what you need to know when it comes your supplementation regimen or lack thereof.
Why Guess?…When you can know!

Why Guess? When you can KNOW!

The sample below is a real life scenario:

Everything to the left of center is a deficiency.


Of course! Click here to download a sample report PDF with customer information redacted.

Download sample Vitamin / Mineral Deficiency Report