Next you will choose whether you want an;

In-home visit

Or virtual vist.

  • If you choose an In Home visit, please check the radius map at the bottom of this page. If you live outside the driving radius range you will have to choose the virtual visit option.
  • If you choose the virtual visit, you will be sent a DNA capture kit, for only $27.00. The DNA capture kit is non-invasive and is extremely easy to use. Directions are provided with the kit. Free shipping and handling both ways. All postage and packaging is provided for return shipping back to us for DNA testing. 
  • Once your DNA is received Dr. Jeff will run the testing requested. Once the test results have been received Dr. Jeff will book an appointment with you for your virtual visit.  
  • You will be emailed your results prier our virtual visit. 

Thank you and have a great day, 

                                                      ~Dr. Jeff

You can add additional evaluation options for loved ones and friends AT HALF PRICE on the next page.

pLEASE Choose your scheduling option

Virtual Visit 
    I Prefer a virtual visit. 
Please ship me my at-home DNA test kit for only $27.
Dr.Jeff, ND will go over your results via a remote session.

Home Visit dr jeff crenshaw naturopathic doctor in Ashtabula Oh
I prefer to schedule an at-home visit with Dr.Jeff, ND.
Please make sure you live within the service area in the map bellow.

map of Dr.Jeff ND's service area in Northeast Ohio